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मंगलवार, 1 अप्रैल 2014

I was always yours,now you are mine

I was always yours,now you are mine
She was attractive
She was beautiful
She smiled
She waved
Sent messages
Every now and then
When her eyes
Met mine
I tried my best
To talk to her
Ask the motive behind
She ran away
Either she was teasing
She was shy
After taking
One step forward
Took two steps backwards
Unable to share
Her feelings with me
Many questions
Kept coming to my mind
Was she testing?
My patience
Was she waiting?
For me to propose
Putting rest to
All speculations
Doubts in mind
One sunny morning
I caught hold of her
Took her hand in mine
Stared into
Her deep blue eyes
Asked her to tell
What’s in her mind?
Was she playing?
Was she mine?
She giggled
She blushed
Her face turned red
Her breathing increased
I could hear her heart
She squeezed my hand
In soft mesmerizing voice
She slowly replied
I was always yours
Now you are mine


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