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सोमवार, 10 मार्च 2014

Sunrise and sunset of love

Whenever I talk to you
I tell you
We are good friends only 
There is no motive of love
Behind my relations with you
The truth is contrary to
What I have been saying
I love you
To the core of my heart
How to share the truth
The question has
Snatched my peace
My life is in turmoil
Further delay would
Lead me into the
Dark world of depression
I am left with
No other choice
But to express
My pious love for you
It is up to you
Whether you accept it
For its purity
Take it as breach of trust
Start hating me for
Repeatedly lying
I assure you
With all honesty
At my command
My love is pious
Accepting it would be
A new sunrise
Denying it
The last sunset of
My life
Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar
Love,pious love,pure love

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